Oregon Divorce Lawyers

McKinley Irvin
(503) 487-1645

McKinley Irvin is a Portland based law firm that practices family law. They provide divorce and mediation services to people in the greater Portland area and throughout Oregon. The firm has been providing a one-on-one approach to divorces throughout Portland since 1991. Kathryn Smith Root is the Partner in Charge of the law firm and has been a powerful litigator and an excellent mediator for her clients, working often with complex cases involving child custody issues and financial stresses. David Starks is her partner at the firm.

Laura Schantz, Attorney at Law
(503) 466-9626

Laura Schantz practices family law and is an expert in child support, custody, property division, and alimony. She is licensed in both Oregon and Washington to serve clients throughout the Portland metro area and reaching into Clark County. She has been practicing family law exclusively since 1997, starting her own firm in Hillsboro in 1999. Her goal for each client is to find a resolution at a very low cost.

Stahancyk, Kent, and Hook, PC
(403) 222-9115

Stahancyk, Kent, and Hook, PC, has offices in Portland, Bend, Prineville, and Astoria, as well as Vancouver, Washington. The firm specializes in family law and estate planning. The firm was founded in 1986 and strives for excellent customer service on each case, holding to the motto that “clients come first.” Numerous attorneys at each office location ensure that each client receives adequate care throughout their divorce.

DeBast, McFarland, and Richardson
(503) 297-9600

DeBast, McFarland, and Richardson is a family law firm filled with highly experienced attorneys. Each attorney on the team has 25 or more years of experience, with a diverse background to ensure that even the most challenging cases have expertise to draw from. The firm is located in Portland across from St. Vincent Hospital. It has a team of three experienced attorneys to help protect your rights during your divorce.

Kevin Kelly
(503) 224-1212

Kevin Kelly practices divorce and family law from an office in Portland. He is able to handle divorces in Multnomah, Clackamas, Washington, and Columbia County courts, from his office in the heart of the city. He offers a free initial consultation to all new clients. Attorney Kelly works with attorney Eric Hale, who represents those charged with criminal law violations. Attorney Kelly has been working as a lawyer in Oregon since 1993. Prior to attending law school, he served in the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office, giving him more courtroom experience than most other area lawyers.