Idaho Divorce Lawyers

Kershisnick Law
(208) 472-2383

Kershisnick Law offers legal services from an office in Boise. The law firm specializes in family law, including divorce and military divorce. They also have a criminal law section. The firm offers all new clients a free initial consultation. Attorney Patrick Kershinick has over 15 years of experience practicing law in Idaho. He offers flexible payment arrangements to make having legal help for divorce affordable to most individuals.

Law Office of Margery W. Smith
(208) 342-2400

The Law Office of Margery W. Smith offers family law service to people in Boise and Ada County. Before opening her own practice in 2001, attorney Smith was a practicing municipal government employee and a Boise city deputy attorney. She is also a certified child custody mediator, so she knows what it takes to work out a good child sharing parenting plan for her clients. To accommodate the busy schedules of many of her clients, attorney Smith offers evening and weekend appointments.

Lisa B. Boman Law
(208) 465-8897

Lisa B. Boman Law offers family law and bankruptcy help from offices in Nampa and Boise. For divorce cases, she will work to negotiate a settlement outside of court whenever it is possible, yet she realizes that high conflict cases may not allow for this, so she will fight hard for her clients at trial. She also offers help with other areas of family law, including parental and grandparent visitation rights, child support and custody order modifications, and paternity actions.

Blackburn Law, PC
(208) 898-2554

Blackburn Law, PC, offers a full list of legal services from a main office in Meridian, Idaho. Joshua Townsend, one of the firm’s two attorneys, offers family law services, including divorce, as well as criminal defense work. Attorney Townsend personally answers his phone when clients call and offers a free initial consultation to help them determine if divorce is the right course of action for their legal needs.

Wixom Law Office, Inc.
(208) 524-5298

The Wixom Law Office is led by Rocky Wixom and offers bankruptcy, criminal, and family law services. Those seeking divorce benefit from attorney Wixom’s decade of experience in family law. He offers a free initial consultation to those who call his office. In addition to the main office in Idaho Falls, attorney Wixom has offices in Pocatello and Twin Falls, allowing him to serve all of Eastern Idaho. He handles all types of cases and is trained as a family mediator to help those who wish to resolve their disputes outside of the courts.