Colorado Divorce Lawyers

The Harris Law Firm
(303) 299-9484

The Harris Law Firm has offices in Denver and Fort Collins. It focuses on divorce and child custody/support cases exclusively, so clients do not have to worry that their cases will be mixed up with those of other specialties. The attorneys at the firm take a team approach to handling cases, so every client gets the expertise and input of the senior partners on every case, no matter which lawyer is handling the particulars.

Divorce Resolutions LLC
(303) 650-1750

Divorce Resolutions, LLC, is the Colorado Center for Divorce Mediation. It is led by attorneys Lawrence F. King and Christopher L. Griffith, who are known for their skills as mediators as well as lawyers. They help families work out their issues outside of court whenever possible, and have been serving the families of Colorado since 1992. They also have extensive courtroom experience for those who need to go to court and cannot work things out through mediation. The firm’s main office is in Westminster.

The Law Office of Eric Ruderman
(303) 861-1444

The Law Office of Eric Ruderman is located in Denver and has been serving the people of the greater Denver area since 1973. It has a team of two lawyers, Heather L. Jenkins and Eric Paul Ruderman. They focus on divorce and other aspects of family law. For divorce clients, the team of attorneys works hard to find an amicable solution to their disagreements, voiding court if it is at all possible.

Johnson Legal Group, LLC
(303) 394-3030

Johnson Legal Group, LLC, offers family law and divorce services from an office in Denver. Its team of 10 highly qualified lawyers has an extensive amount of experience in family law, helping their clients save money while protecting their rights and interests during a divorce. Each case is given two lawyers, allowing them to work together as a team for the best possible outcome, and the expertise of all 10 lawyers is available to each client when needed through weekly team meetings.

Cohen and Cohen PC
(303) 933-4529

Cohen and Cohen is based in Denver and offers over 30 years of experience to those seeking divorce and other family law concerns. Their goal is not only to help their clients with their legal issues, but also to help clients rebuild their lives after traumatic events. They will handle cases both in and out of court, aiming for whatever will best further their clients’ interests.