Delaware Divorce Lawyers

The Betts Law Firm, PA
(302) 339-8169

The Betts Law Firm takes an approach to divorce cases that encourages compromise and communication between parties in order to reach a reasonable solution without the need to go to court. They also work hard to protect those who are victims of domestic violence or wrong accusations. The firm is located in Georgetown. It has been in business since 1953 and is led by the founder’s son. In addition to divorce, attorney Betts helps families with all types of family and domestic law cases, including estate planning.

Stumpf Vickers and Sandy, Attorneys at Law
(302) 856-3561

Stumpf Vickers and Sandy is a Georgetown family law firm with nearly 20 years of experience and four experienced lawyers on staff. Thomas E. Gay, one of the lawyers at the firm, specializes in family law, including divorce. The other three lawyers have different areas of focus, making the firm a well-rounded option. They specialize in handing complex cases for clients with a lot of assets and high net worth. They handle all aspects of these cases, including property division, parental rights, and asset protection.

Carucci Butler, LLC
(302) 654-5083

Carucci Butler, LLC, is located in Wilmington and offers a full family law practice. Throughout the divorce process, the attorneys at this firm strive to keep their clients abreast of what is happening with their cases. The main focus is on negotiation, so the firm’s clients have a say in what happens with their assets and their future, but they will go to court if it is warranted. The firm has two attorneys to ensure each client gets the attention they need.

Susan C. Over PC, Attorney at Law
(302) 250-4515

Susan C. Over practices family law in an independent firm in Wilmington. She has flexible hours and evening appointments to work with her clients’ busy schedules. In addition to divorce, she works with custody and visitation cases and protection from abuse or defense of criminal charges. She has been practicing since 1987, and has had her own practice since 1991.

Gosner and Gosner
(302) 478-4445

Gosner and Gosner is a Wilmington area law firm that focuses on family law, elder law, business law, and real estate. For those seeking divorce, the firm strives to help clients meet their unique goals in each case, and will look to negotiation or courts depending on their client’s needs. In addition to their Wilmington office, they have an office in Dover.