New Mexico Divorce Lawyers

Atkinson and Kelsey, PA
(505) 796-6238

Atkinson and Kelsey, PA, offers divorce and family law services from a location in Albuquerque. They hold the distinction of being the first and most experienced divorce and family law firm in the state. They have been practicing family law for over 40 years. The firm has an impressive team of 10 highly experienced lawyers to ensure every client gets excellent service.

Stephen P. Eaton, Family Law Attorney
(505) 908-3895

Stephen P. Eaton offers family law services in Albuquerque. His firm focuses on collaborative practice, helping couples resolve their disputes respectfully through mediation whenever possible. The firm has been offering family law services for over 20 years, ensuring each client gets attentive, professional care. The firm can handle most types of divorce, including complex, contested, uncontested, high net-worth, and collaborative cases.

McDevitt Law Firm PA
(505) 988-4861

The McDevitt Law Firm offers low cost consultations for divorcing couples from an office in Santa Fe. The goal of the team at McDevitt Law Firm is to reach a peaceable solution to most divorces. This helps protect their clients as well as any children involved in the case. Attorney Susan McDevitt has been practicing law in New Mexico since 1976, so she brings the benefit of experience to each case she handles.

Leslie Becker Family Law
(505) 222-3120

Leslie Becker Family Law is located in Albuquerque and offers the benefit of a firm completely devoted to family law. Attorney Becker focuses on the needs and rights of the children in her cases at all times. She encourages her clients to work together toward a favorable outcome outside of the courts, but she understands that this is not always possible. When a willing attitude for negotiation is not present, she will help her clients with litigation. Attorney Becker has been practicing law since 1988 in New Mexico, so her clients benefit from extensive experience.

Walther Family Law
(505) 889-8240

Walther Family Law has offices in Santa Fe and Albuquerque. Each client of this law firm is assigned one of the four lawyers who assists them throughout their case, yet the attorneys benefit from having the expertise and insight of all four attorneys on the team. Lead attorney Gretchen Walther is the author of Power Imbalances in Divorce Mediation, which lawyers around the country study to understand the problems possible in mediated settlements. She and her team have a strong desire to protect their clients’ rights, and they have been listed in the Best Lawyers in America since 1986.