North Dakota Divorce Lawyers

Birrenkott Law Office, LLC
(701) 365-0444

Birrenkott Law Office, LLC, is licensed to practice in North Dakota and Minnesota. The firm is located in Fargo and works exclusively as a family law attorney. Because the attorneys are natives to the region, they know the judges and the courts well, which helps clients because it allows clients to know just how judges and court personnel work and think. All new clients at the firm receive a free initial consultation for the divorce or other family law needs. The legal team at this firm includes two attorneys, Michael A. Birrenkott and Tasha M. Gahner.

Zimney Foster PC, Attorneys at Law
(701) 772-8111

Zimney Foster PC, Attorneys at Law is a multi-faceted law firm located in Grand Forks. The legal team at the firm includes nine excellent attorneys, each of whom brings his or her own legal expertise to the cases they work on. Their goal in divorce cases is to help their clients understand and then work toward a reasonable solution to those. They will work with both court-based and mediated divorce cases. Attorneys Carol E. Johnson and Bradley W. Parrish are the two who focus their work almost entirely on family law.

Bliss and Stebbins Law Firm
(701) 223-5769

Bliss and Stebbins is a law firm based in Bismarck, North Dakota. The firm is a general practice law firm that practices family law in addition to many other areas. It has a team of four highly qualified attorneys to provide individualized attention to each and every client the firm sees. All new clients to the firm, including those seeking information about divorce, receive a free initial consultation.

Vogel Law Firm
(701) 237-6983

The Vogel Law Firm is a general practice law firm that handles divorce and separation cases in addition to many other types of cases. The firm has attorneys licensed to practice in both North Dakota and Minnesota, with offices in Fargo, Moorhead, Bismarck, and Minneapolis. It has over 40 attorneys working at its various offices, which ensures thorough attention for each and every case.

Pagel Weikum, Attorneys at Law
(701) 250-1369

Pagel Weikum Attorneys at Law offers a wide range of legal services, including help with divorce. They are able to handle cases both in trial and outside of the courts. The firm has four partner attorneys to allow them to work as a team in supporting the needs of their clients.