Divorce Laws

The process of divorce can be a lengthy one, depending on the circumstances and laws surrounding the case. When both spouses cannot reach an understanding in their marriage about a particular issue, or sometimes several issues, and the marriage cannot be annulled, divorce is the only other legal way to end the marriage. However, because each state has its own laws regarding marriage and divorce, no two divorces will be exactly the same. The spouses pursuing the divorce will need to understand the legal aspects of divorce, which can include finances, child custody, and spousal support.

Although many states have similar laws regarding the divorce process, they may not be exactly the same, and some may involve exceptions or conditions which invoke a new set of laws or regulations that apply to that case. Understanding what these laws mean to you if you are considering pursuing a divorce will be important so that you can receive a fair settlement in your case.

Although child custody laws are different from divorce laws, they often coincide with them, and they may also differ from state to state. While some child custody laws apply to couples who are already divorced, and in certain instances, couples who are still married, oftentimes, the matter of child custody arises when a couple decides to end their marriage. Based on the circumstances surrounding the divorce, certain child custody laws may come into play in determining which spouse is allowed more custody privileges, or whether both spouses are given equal privileges.

Spousal support is one of the main concerns for many couples who are considering divorce. If one spouse earned more than another during the divorce, or if one spouse stayed at home to manage the household, spousal support may be sought. This is so that after the divorce, the spouse with less earning potential will still be able to support themselves. The laws regarding this matter in a divorce have been shaped by many factors over the years, and can also differ drastically from state to state.

Divorce laws cover all aspects of a divorce, and occasionally involve other types of laws as well in order to finalize the process. No matter what your marital situation is, and no matter which state you live in, you can find information about the divorce laws that pertain to you at DivorceLawsByState.com.

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