How To Do Your Own Divorce

With the economy in the state it is in, many are cutting corners any way they can in order to just stay afloat. Situations that would formerly frighten people or make them uneasy are now being tackled themselves with some degree of fortitude because they cannot afford better. Such situations have spawned their own helpful […]

How To Explain Divorce To Children

The breakup of a marriage can be devastating and affects many people surrounding the divorcing couple. The people who are affected by it most are the children, who are unable to comprehend what is happening and what it means to them. How to explain divorce to children is something that many struggle with, whether they […]

How To File For Divorce Yourself

Divorce can be a difficult and expensive process. Attorney expenses make up much of the cost of divorce and many people feel that they cannot afford to retain an attorney. In some cases an attorney may not be necessary to begin divorce proceedings. You may not know how to file for divorce yourself. Although divorce […]